At our September Parent/Mentor Network gathering we discussed the role we play in our students lives. We acknowledged that when it comes to our kids, what they see is what we get. This UK commercial for the Playstation 2 describes this perfectly. 

Here is a recap of the things that we discussed…

What is Broken?

As we examined our kids and ourselves we asked “what is broken?” When we name what is broken, we can begin to get to work. 

When it comes to our kids:

  • They experience less privacy
  • They can be performance orientated
  • Hopelessness and lonliness can spread quickly
  • Values can be easily being misplaced
  • They can be driven by envy

When it comes to our schools:

  • We can be driven by envy
  • We can overcompensate our childhoods onto theirs
  • We can be performance orientated
  • We can have high levels of anxiety and worry
  • We can be too busy to spend quality time
  • We can be perfectionists

What Can We Leverage?

After naming what is broken, we examined what we have around and within us to leverage against these problems.

  • We have other people in our church that come alongside our kids and teach good values and ethics. 
  • Some of us do have time to invest in the younger generations. 
  • We can offer kids jobs
  • Together we offer other voices and credibility to each other
  • We can be in prayer 
  • We have an opportunity to model a positive attitude and joy
  • We have Bible verses and other wisdom stored up from our lifetimes of learning

What do we need to understand better? 

We can’t understand everything our kids are going through, but we can make better efforts to see their world. Here are some areas we said we could start or keep paying attention to. 

  • the electronic world
  • their friend groups
  • youth group
  • our kids faith

What do we want to our kids to see us fighting for? 

If what they see is what we get, here is a list of what we want our kids to see us fighting for.

  • Showing compassion to others
  • Standing up for injustice
  • Respecting others
  • That Christ is worth following
  • Showing greatfulneess 
  • Descerning right and wrong

Working together is important. Thanks to all the parents and mentors that came and discussed these things with us. What would you add to the lists we created?