This last summer, we sent a group of high school students to CHIC, an epic conference, hosted by the Evangelical Covenant Church, for high school students across the nation. One of the most beneficial things they did was force each of us to spend some time understanding how God made us different – and then what we all can contribute to our homes, schools, and churches. 

We were identified as one of four colors: gold, green, blue, and orange. Each color had its lists of strengths and challenges.

We used this model and re-did the exercises on our fall retreat with our high schoolers – and it was just as beneficial. If your student went on the trip or if you’re curious about what color your child might here, here are some documents we used. 

The Colors | The Color Test

Once you know what color your kid is, consider being intentional with the way you parent them in the follow ways. Of course, each kid is different, and there isn’t one right way to parent, but we hope that this can begin to help you understand your child even more and love and challenge them in the best ways.

Parenting a Gold Child

Characteristics of a GOLD child

  • Needs to do things correctly since they’re uncomfortable making mistakes
  • Is motivated to be thorough, accurate
  • Tends to be attentive to conditions around them, including clues about important expectations or standards
  • Often demonstrates caution and questioning
  • May become critical of the quality of work performed in their own lives and in others’

Make sure you give your GOLD child

  • Clear steps 
  • Clear expectations
  • All the info they need to make their decisions. 

Help them grow by helping them understand that done is better than perfect

While a perfect gift for them will be a new planner and color coded stickers.

Parenting a Blue Child

Characteristics of a BLUE child

  • Has STRONG convictions and dislikes conflict
  • Will always be the peace maker
  • Relationships and family are very important to them
  • Their heart can be tender when they are communicating with you
  • They will be loyal to you when they know you have their back emotionally

Make sure you give you your BLUE child

  • Authenticity. They can sniff out fraud in a second
  • Make sure they feel valued for the little things that go unnoticed  
  • Communicate how you can help them and how they can help you

Because they feel so deeply and want to make everyone happy, help them grow by challenging them to know that sometimes it is more loving to say no.

A perfect gift for a blue child is something personalized that shows you’ve been thinking about them

Parenting a Green Child

Characteristics of a GREEN child

  • They know what they want and go after it
  • They are motivated to get immediate results
  • Has a tendency to make decisions quickly
  • Often is adventurous, even daring
  • Can be actively competitive and on the move
  • May openly question the way things are done 
  • Loves to solve problems

Make sure that you give your GREEN child

  • A sounding board to have their ideas bounced off of
  • Confirmation that you are not comparing them to other people
  • Space and time to think through their thoughts and ask their questions

Because they are susceptible to the comparison trap help them grow by showing them that comparison will always be a thief of their joy.

A perfect gift for a green child is recognition or a status symbol (like a luxury brand).

Parenting an Orange Child

Characteristics of an ORANGE child

  • They make new friends easily, even with strangers 
  • Tend to be warm, trusting of others
  • They can be open about their own feelings
  • Motivated to impress others and be included 
  • Enthusiastic, talkative, interacting 
  • They make a good first impression 

Make sure you give your ORANGE child

  • The limelight
  • Value their positive energy contributions
  • Help understating why not everyone is happy

Because they are quick to have fun and put off responsibility, to help them grow remind them to do the hard and important things first before they go play.  

The perfect gift for an orange child is is a group experience or a game