Following Jesus Can Make Your Life Better

Here are the cue’s for the week of Dec 9 – Dec 15 for you and your high school student.


John 8:32 (NIV)

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” 


Learning to follow Jesus takes time. This week, be transparent about a time you said “yes” to something you should have said “no” to— and what that cost you. Then ask your teen if they’ve ever said “yes” toJesus and said no to something else—and how that benefited them. After you both share, ask your teen if there’s anything making it difficult to say“yes” to following Jesus right now.


Morning Time

One night this week, leave a note on your teen’s mirror to find in the morning. On the note, point out an area you’ve noticed your kid growing lately—like a class grade they’ve been improving or how kind they’ve been to a sibling. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something positive that helps jumpstart their day.

Meal Time

During a meal this week, ask your teen if there’s anything they know of that could be fun to try together as a family this weekend. Maybe a new restaurant opened up. Maybe they think it’d be cool to visit a park downtown. No matter what they bring up, show an interest in what your student shares and consider putting something on the calendar!

Their Time

Create a stress-free playlist with your teenager. Take turns choosing songs that help you chill out or relax. Then the next time you or your teen are stressing a bit—or even one night as the family is winding down for the day—pull up the playlist and de-stress together.

Bed Time

As your teen is getting ready for bed, ask your teen if they have anythingyou can be praying for—like an upcoming game, upcoming test, or a friend they’re in a disagreement with. Consider praying with them right there, and then ask them for an update on that area in a day or two.

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