Last week the Evangelical Covenant Church hosted a webinar with Mark Oestreicher – a long time youth worker and author. I encourage you to watch it. It’s about an hour long, but worth watching to understand where youth ministry has been and where it is going.

Tim Ciccone, the ECC’s Director of Youth and Young Adults shared this on a facebook group with us and I pass it on to you:

One of the most important questions teens want to know is “Does the church want me here?” However, for Mark the most important framing question he sees a church must answer is: “Do you see teenagers as a problem to be solved or a wonder to behold…broken and incapable or do you see them as God has uniquely wired them for passion and risk taking…?” Watch the webinar to learn more about the importance of these questions. Given the brevity of our conversation, we encourage you to read Mark’s book on this topic, Youth Ministry 3.0.